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Places of Worship: 150 Years of Latter-day Saint Architecture

Richard Woolley Jackson compiled a great deal of research on LDS Architecture and published the book ‘Places of Worship: 150 Years of Latter-day Saint Architecture’ in 2003. In the book, Jackson states that it is the first extensive history of Church architecture.

Little exists in print on general Church architecture, with the exception of a few books on temples and various papers on specific architectural topics related to styles or periods. Ward, stake, community, and family historians in search of information about buildings have no readily available sources and no way of appraising what information they find (local newspapers, diaries, personal memories) in the context of the broader pattern of Church construction. I have written this book in nontechnical language for the lay person, but it has been my goal that it be based on sound architectural information and solid historical research.

This book appears to be available for purchase here and online in pdf format here. I find that he is correct regarding the lack of research on Meetinghouse design in particular, which is why this blog will build on what Mr. Jackson has accomplished by focusing on LDS Architecture in general and Meetinghouses in particular.  See the About page for more information.