Discovering Great Mormon Buildings

Sunset Ward Organ

It appears that the chapel organ pre-dates the building. ‘Dedicated to the Memory of Hannah Morrison Thatcher 1941.’

1601 22nd Ave
San Francisco, CA
Built 1945
Click for Map Location of Building


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  1. k kern

    The Sunset Ward has a wonderful pipe organ which represents an impressive achievement. While the chapel plans were being made, President Winter went to the three Thatcher sisters, Josephine Danford, Harriet Poland, and Luna Hansen, and suggested that they donate a pipe organ as a memorial to their mother Hannah Morrison Thatcher. Porter Danford, a non-member businessman in town, managed the fund-raising campaign, writing and phoning friends world-wide in search of funds. The family raised the money and bought the organ. A small bronze plaque still testifies to their contribution. —from the personal history of S. J. Lauper, bishop of the Sunset Ward when the building was being built.

    October 21, 2011 at 9:34 pm

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