Discovering Great Mormon Buildings

American Fork 2nd Ward Exterior

This meetinghouse is a Gothic revival building constructed in 1903-04 containing a chapel, square entry vestibule with 35′ tower above, and a two-story section in the rear containing classrooms and offices. The large addition constructed in 1929 and selling of the building in 1984 will be shown and discussed in the next photo.

130 W 100 S
American Fork, UT
Built 1903-04 with large addition in 1929. Sold 1984.
Architect: 1903 – Probably James H Pulley; 1929 – Young and Hansen
Now Bigelow & Co Organ Builders
Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Click for Map Location of building


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  1. seshat

    it’s just so damn cute!

    May 23, 2011 at 9:06 pm

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