Discovering Great Mormon Buildings

American Fork 2nd Ward Addition

In 1929 a large addition was constructed to the west (left of the photo) that formed a U-shaped building with the U facing the street and providing a central entry to the building. The addition matches the original style of the building quite nicely and contained the recreation hall and classrooms. Very little modification to the building has been done since. The building was sold in 1984 to Michael Bigelow in favor of a new building. At that time, a residence was created upstairs in the Sunday School room and a Pipe organ design and manufacturing plant in the main floor and basement. Windows and other features were restored, a wood shop placed in the gym and an assembly shop in the chapel.

130 W 100 S
American Fork, UT
Built 1903-04 with large addition in 1929. Sold 1984.
Architect: 1903 – Probably James H Pulley; 1929 – Young and Hansen
Now Bigelow & Co Organ Builders
Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Click for Map Location of building

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