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From Diversity to Unity: the Transition of LDS Meetinghouses from Beautiful to Functional

You are all invited to a presentation I will be offering next month in Ogden, Utah.
Date: Saturday, August 6th
Time: 2:00-3:00pm

The fate of LDS meetinghouses has followed the fate of design and construction in America with a move to the suburbs and standardization. Cost and functional requirements now trump aesthetic and spatial concerns in these packaged products sent to wards and stakes worldwide. The presentation will show distinctive features of LDS meetinghouses around the world, review standard plan development from its inception through today, show positive and negative consequences that have resulted from these correlated designs, and ask if it is possible to build both functional and beautiful standardized buildings.

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Our Rich Meetinghouse Heritage: An Ogden Tour of LDS Architecture

You are all invited to a building tour I will be offering next month in Ogden, Utah.
Date: Wednesday, August 3rd
Time: 2:30-6:00pm

Studies of LDS architecture generally focus on temples, ignoring the richness of our meetinghouse heritage. Although contemporary meetinghouses are typically patterned on only a few pragmatic designs, older meetinghouses are frequently very beautiful and highly unique when compared not only to churches in other religions, but also to each other. They also serve as an interesting commentary on the growth and development of the Church–particularly in a survey of which buildings have been retained and which have been sold off.

Northern Utah, not surprisingly, has an abundance of architecturally significant LDS buildings. In Ogden alone, eleven chapels built prior to 1930 are still standing. However, only two of these are still owned by the LDS church. Additionally, Ogden has several mid-century unique and interesting chapels pre-dating Correlation. This workshop will offer a tour of the most significant of these beautiful buildings in the greater Ogden area. Information presented will highlight the history and significance of each building, exterior and interior design features and detailing, and, as available, a review of plans and photos.

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Ogden 49th Ward Chapel Interior Detail

4210 S 300 W
Riverdale, UT
Built 1959
Architect: Arthur Mueller
Click for Map Location of Building