Discovering Great Mormon Buildings

Smithfield 4th Ward Exterior

Quite a nice design and similar to the Salt Lake 12th Ward meetinghouse that was built a year later. Both buildings were designed with a window at the chamfered corner. The window in the Salt Lake building was an octagon, while here it was a circle that brought natural light into the chapel. Unfortunately, as you can see, this window was removed. Similar to both buildings are a tower marking the entrance. The Salt Lake tower makes a stronger statement, while this tower is obscured by the horizontal classroom wing that intersects the tower and chops off the bottom half. This building has a steeple at the top of the tower, while the other doesn’t. And the original window at the tower and entry here were either glass block or gridded, similar to the Salt Lake chapel. Now there is a standard double hung window at the tower and a standard storefront glazing at the entry.

179 N 100 E
Smithfield, UT
Built 1940
Architect: Lorenzo S Young
Click for Map Location of Building

One response

  1. JHM

    This building is on the same block as my grandparents’ home, so I attended here once or twice a year as I was growing up. I didn’t appreciate unique architecture then, but I do remember a sense of adventure in the building because it felt like a little bit of mystery where the various stairs, doors, and hallways would take me.

    September 6, 2011 at 11:40 am

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