Discovering Great Mormon Buildings

Salt Lake 10th Ward Exterior

Of the original 19 wards in Salt Lake, the building to the right is the only original chapel remaining in the city, built in 1873. The Gothic revival church to the left was built in 1909. Also on the complex, at the far right is a school built in 1887. All three of these buildings are now connected into a single meetinghouse with the 1909 building serving as the Chapel and the original 1873 building serving as a large classroom or activity hall. This 1873 building used to be the Chapel but was remodeled many years ago into a Cultural Hall that even had a stage at one point. During a remodel in 2000, the building was almost torn down completely. The rumor is that Pres. Hinckley stepped in to save the building. Now, only the front wall and portions of the sides remain from the original building, but the remainder of the exterior was rebuilt as a replica of the original.

ADDED 10 Feb 2012: The steeple on this has always looked a little strange to me; too squatty and out of place. In looking at older photos, there was a taller steeple at the same location of the building in 1911 here, but by 1937 there was no steeple at all here. It appears that there was no steeple all the way until the 2000 remodel, when it was added back. With the steeple appearing to be part of the original design, I definitely appreciate the effort to restore the building, but I think I prefer the look of the building without one.

420 S 800 E
Salt Lake City, UT
Original built 1873
Gothic revival chapel built 1909
Map Location of Building


One response

  1. seshat

    The rumor is that Pres. Hinckley stepped in to save the building.

    bless him. I’m glad that one of god’s servants felt the need to honor and preserve the contributions and sacrifices of our ancestors.

    February 11, 2012 at 2:26 pm

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