Discovering Great Mormon Buildings

George Cannon Young

Bountiful Tabernacle Chapel Interior

A very interesting interior image of this chapel was taken in 1975. This chapel contained quite an extensive shrine to Joseph Smith as the focal point of the chapel until 1976 when the entire rostrum was remodeled by Carpenter and Stringham architects to the layout seen today. Other items of interest from the pre-1976 chapel is the sacrament table located to the side amongst the pews and at a 90 degree angle to the front. And at the left side can be seen large accordion doors that opened to a Recreation Hall which was added in 1925 by architect George Cannon Young. It is unfortunate that more of the original rostrum could not have remained. Almost every thing about the original is more interesting and beautiful than than what is there now.

55 S. Main
Bountiful, UT
Built 1857-63
Architect: Augustus Farnham
National Register of Historic Places
Map Location of Building

Centerville 1st Ward Cultural Hall

The exposed structural framework here is quite striking. Built in 1951 and dedicated by Assistant to the Twelve, Alma Sonne, on March 1, 1953.

160 S 300 E
Centerville, UT
Cultural Hall built 1951
Architect: George Cannon Young
Map Location of Building