Discovering Great Mormon Buildings


Logan 1st Ward Chapel Balcony

The doors on both sides of the chapel lead directly to classrooms, which is quite a nice feature. The three sets of double entry doors lead directly to a lobby that in turn leads to the columned entry off the street – all set on a strict classically-influenced axis. Here is an exterior picture showing the entry. At both sides of the lobby are stairs leading up to the balcony. And at the two upper level corners are classrooms. The windows of these rooms can be seen in the exterior photo linked above.

Somehow I incorrectly labeled the window detail post last week. It’s not the 4th Ward as I originally labeled it, but is from this building, the 1st ward.

89 S 200 W
Logan, Utah
Architect: Cannon and Fetzer
Built 1918
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Provo 1st Ward Chapel Balcony

195 S 100 E
Provo, UT
Built 1928
Architect: Pope & Burton
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Oakland Tabernacle Balcony

408 W MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA
Built 1923 and Sold 1959
Architect: Clay N Burrell
Now Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church
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