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Vallejo Ward

Vallejo Ward Exterior

This building was built in three main phases. The Assembly room that is now the Recreation Hall was built first in 1943. A large Classroom addition was built in 1954. Finally the Chapel and Tower as seen on the left half of this photo were added in 1955. The chapel and tower addition were planned at the time of the classroom addition in 1954. The most likely reason for separating the two phases a year apart from each other was funding. Fortunately, all three of these designs were all by the same architect. A fourth addition was done much later in 1973 by architect Brian L Johnson. This addition consisted of a new classroom wing that protruded forward towards the street and in some ways mirrored the chapel that also had been brought forward to the street.

110 Los Santos Ct
Vallejo, CA
Built 1943
Architect: Theodore G Ruegg
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