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Sunset Ward Cultural Hall

1601 22nd Ave
San Francisco, CA
Built 1945
Click for Map Location of Building


Phoenix 2nd Ward Interior

This building is now owned and used by the Great Arizona Puppet Theater. When visiting the building, my schedule unfortunately didn’t coincide with when the theater was open, so I didn’t get a chance to take any interior pictures. Fortunately I was able to find some posted online. The building is quite unique and beautifully detailed. The architects, Pope and Burton, designed a truly regional building that was appropriate for its context, climate, and intended use. Regional buildings such as this are responsive to their site in their form, spatial qualities and use of building materials and finishes. All this helps invoke a sense of ownership by the users and pride in the building. A building such as this is both from the land and belongs to and is a part of the local community. This becomes apparent when buildings are able to survive multiple uses and functions over time.

Cultural Hall space – note the intricate pocket door leading to the Chapel (Online Image source posted 2008)

Cultural Hall Ceiling (Online Image source posted 2008)

Chapel with arched side aisles (Online Image source posted 2008)

Arch Detail in Chapel (Online Image source posted 2008)

302 West Latham Street
Phoenix, AZ
Built 1932
Now Great Arizona Puppet Theater
Map Location of Building